Melissa WanJean Allen   
Melissa At Her Best!
Pssst... Did you notice my Dad here in the picture? We are always hanging out together!
And I'm over here getting professional portraits taken by Michelle while he's not even working the camera.
Do you see him over there? Hey Dad, let me know when I'm up to bat.

Meet Melissa - We Love You Girl!

Melissa Poem

From the family of Melissa Wanjean Allen,

Michelle, Nancy and Mark all thank you for your love, prayers, and support through this most difficult time.

Melissa is very special.

She means so much to so many people.

Melissa touches your life with

her endless smile,

her radiant eyes, and

her bubbly personality.

Melissa is always giggling,

always talking, and

always teasing.

Melissa has a huge heart,

huge self esteem,

and is huge on forgiveness.

Melissa is great on the basketball court.

Watch out for number 40.

Melissa is great on the volleyball court.

Watch out for number 20.

Melissa is great on the softball field.

Watch out for number 30.

Melissa is getting started in track.

Melissa is in choir, voice and piano, too.

Melissa always challenged herself towards perfection.

Melissa always found time to gently push you towards your goal.

Melissa always kept a journal of her life.

As Melissa wrote about you, she would note how she tried to influence you towards a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If Melissa's journal had a theme, it is to be a positive influence on you.

Melissa's New Years resolution for 2002 is to find time each day to pray.

Melissa mentioned that she did not like making resolutions because they are hard to keep but she felt she needed to pray about all aspects of her life.

Melissa prayed about her grades, sports and you (her friends and family).

Melissa is always at your service, and

always self-confidant.

Did I mention, always giggling, always talking, and always teasing?

Melissa had an excellerated life.

If you were down, Melissa brought you up.

Melissa hurt when people did not love her.

Melissa loved everyone.

Melissa had no enemies.

Melissa is my hero.

Melissa's favorite lines were:

Oh yeah, right on that Dad.





Rock On.

Boo Ya, Grandma.


It was so funny.

Melissa is so cool! - she liked talking in third person - I would just say, "then she woke up".

We are missing that girl.

We still can't eat right, or

sleep right.

Melissa is still on our mind.

There is a master plan that we don't fully understand, but we do understand that we all had an A.I.T. (Angel In Training) living with us.

Melissa is now with her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Melissa is way beyond her age in spirituality.

Melissa still whispers in your ear.

Melissa is your Guardian Angel.

We thank God for blessing our lives with Melissa.

Melissa Wanjean Allen, we will always love you.

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"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." - Numbers 6:24,25

Melissa and Michelle after Parasailing!


Ahhhh, Captiva Island and some parasailing for fun... fun... fun...

for everyone!

Did I say everyone? You shoulda' been there. It was FUN!

Oh, did I mention that we had lots of fun?


Melissa in the Pool - Peace!


Of course, we were goofing around with an underwater camera. Melissa, swimming and smiling wide open as your usual self. Keep smiling to bring glory to God while you're in heaven... like you did while you were here on earth.

I'm smiling on your behalf, here... Love, Dad.


Melissa and Michelle hugging Cousin Megan Patrick at Aunt Alice's in Lee's Summit


Melissa and Michelle with their crafts.

Melissa and Michelle showing off some excellent crafts - made with Grandma Helen

This is Melissa and Michelle pretty as a picture... showing their crafts made with Grandma Helen.

Melissa loves being with family.

Michelle, Melissa, Glenda and John Repp

This is Michelle and Melissa visiting at their Grandma and Grandpa Rosanbalm's house. They always have fun visiting relatives and family is a big thing in the Allen family.

Let's Eat!

Melissa - Sharing a card with Grandpa - The good times for sure!

It doesn't get any better than this!


Melissa - Grandma - Michelle - Picture Frames Make Great Presents!

It doesn't get any better than this!


Michelle and Melissa

It doesn't get any better than this!


Michelle, Dad and Melissa

Have I mentioned yet... It doesn't get any better than this!


Melissa, Michelle and the Millenium Falcon Balloon

The Millenium Falcon - Readies for Take-off (Pilot and Co-Pilot in Command)!


Melissa's 7th Grade Fall School Picture

Melissa - Her 7th Grade School Picture


Oh, Did I mention... We LOVE You Girl!

Dude! Thanks for stopping by, you loser cruiser.
Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh!   Whatever...

You better drop by again soon - remember, I'm watching.

It is so funny, Michelle, Mom and Dad are keeping this web site updated for me until we meet again.
Oh Yeah, right on that Girl...

Anyway's, send them pictures and stuff to put out here.

Boo Ya Grandma,
I Love You,


How does one go on, when the other hasn't?

How does one say goodbye, when the other is always present?

How does one smile at others, with your brightness gone?

How does the world become a better place, when an angel has left?

How does the Sun still rise, when a Star has been extinguished?

How does one... through remembrance of you.

Greg Bartley